myse Scalp Lift PLUS Face lifting care while stimulating the “head muscles” with EMS

Face lifting care while
stimulating the head muscles** Referring to the upward movement of the device

Don’t you have any concerns like the following? Don’t you have any concerns like the following?

These concerns may be caused by the head muscles!These concerns may be caused by the head muscles!

Stiff scalp muscles
may be the cause.

The head and face muscles are connected. Weakened head muscles can cause sagging facial skin.
1.Frontalis muscle・2.Temporal muscle・3.Occipitalis muscle

What are “head muscles”?

The term “head muscles” collectively refers to the frontalis, temporal, and occipitalis muscles.
With this one device take a holistic approach to treat the areas of concern! With this one device take a holistic approach to treat the areas of concern!


Scalp Lift PLUS is recommended to care for both the head and facial muscles.
Helping you to achieve beautiful facial features.

Unprecedented results

This one device provides treatment
for head and face muscles

This one device provides treatment for the head muscles and face

Comes with dedicated attachments designed to
fit the application areas

By changing the attachment for each area,
suitable stimulation can be given to the applied area more efficiently.

Scalp Attachment

Scalp Attachment

Firm attachment like a hair brush. From the electrode pins, YA-MAN’s original and special EMS for the scalp is emitted. The resin pins easily brush hair and support the contact between the electrode pins and the scalp. The curved shape of the whole brush section enables the attachment to perfectly fit the scalp during treatment.

Face Attachment

Face Attachment

Soft silicone attachment.
Gently stimulates delicate facial skin with low friction.

Two Mode Types


SCALP YA-MAN’s original low-frequency EMS for the head muscles is emitted from the 12 electrode pins to stimulate the head muscles that tend to become stiff. With approximately 7,000 vibrations per minute, the entire scalp is stretched while brushing. A micro-current is also emitted simultaneously; the synergy of the low frequency and vibrations provides efficient treatment.

  • Low-frequency EMS
  • Vibration
  • Micro-current
  • LED (red)




Amazing points! Since the scalp supports the weight of the whole body, it easily becomes tense and tight. Especially, people who often use smartphones and PCs are likely to have the stiff scalp before they are aware of it. Such tightness in the scalp also affects the facial skin causing sagging.
By nature, the head muscles have little movement, so even with a touch of stimulation you can experience a refreshed feeling on your face.
The head muscles that are easy-to-move differ person to person. Find an area that would like some extra ease and comfort.


FACE With low and medium frequency, EMS is intricately emitted from the 22 flexible pins. The EMS output from every angle enables multilateral and intensive stimulation of the facial muscles, which comprise more than 30 muscle types. A micro-current is also emitted simultaneously, leading to an impression of refreshed facial expression.

  • Multi-point EMS
  • Vibration
  • Micro-current
  • LED (red)




Amazing points! It is recommended to treat the forehead area that connects the scalp and face!
The flexible brush perfectly fits the shape of your head and face, and you will feel good!


We would like you to use Scalp Lift PLUS every day,
so we designed it to be easy to use

It’s simple, just place the device on a flat surface

Light weight and compact

Automatic mode change


Scalp Lift PLUS can be used in the bathroom*
An ideal item for treatment
while doing something else!

Treatment in the bathroom Benefits
Water resistant specs (IPX5) allows the device to be used in the bathroom. It is more effective to care for the scalp and body when they are warmed up. The device can also be used during a shampoo or hair treatment.


With Scalp Lift PLUS, you can

Improve your skin condition and lift your mood!


For your mother
For your mother
For your friend
For your friend
For your girlfriend or wife
For your girlfriend or wife
For your boyfriend or husband
For your boyfriend or husband

for headSCALP Mode

Dampen the scalp and slowly move the device sideways in zigzags around the temporal muscle
Slowly move the device downward in zigzags around the frontalis muscle
Slowly move the device upward on the back of the head in such a way as to pull up

Thoroughly dampening the scalp, not the hair, makes it easier to feel the stimulation.
If it is hard to feel the stimulation, stop moving the main unit and find the area where you feel the sensation.

for faceFACE Mode

Apply lotion, gel, or similar to the face and neck, and move the device from the center of the face toward the outside
Slowly move the device in zigzags on the forehead up to the temple
Lightly press the device on your concerned area for about 30 seconds


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It is our wish that you enjoy the very best treatment in a beauty salon in a more free-style approach.
From this wish, mysé was born.
The name, mysé, is the acronym of ‘My Smart Esthe’. It is an at-home beauty treatment brand from Japan.
The mysé recreates beauticians’ delicate finger movements and hand techniques, offering beauty-salon quality treatment.
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